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OUR Ozone Generator Plant

Ozone Generator is capable of producing ozone at up to 12% by weight, at 25−5000 SCFH of oxygen flow. The generator can produce ozone from the ambient with the help of the integrated Oxygen concentrator and Air Compressor in the System.

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OUR Medical Oxygen Plant

Our Medical oxygen Plant allows users to generate their own oxygen for their medical−grade requirements like EMS (Emergency Medical Services), Hospitals, Clinics, Nursing Homes, Veterinary & Animal Hospitals, Dental labs etc.

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OUR PSA Oxygen Plant

PSA Plants or Pressure Swing Adsorption Plants help generate both medical as well as industrial grade oxygen with ease. These come in two types.

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OUR VPSA Oxygen Plant

VPSA plants or Vacuum pressure Swing Adsorption Plants are the most cost−effective and economic way to produce oxygen, although the oxygen produced through these plants are not as pure as the oxygen produced by PSA plants.

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Canadian Crystalline manufactures UV and ozone disinfection systems for hospitals, groceries, food delivery to fight the contagion

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Having been manufacturing and supplying oxygen generators to various industries and hospitals for the past 30 years as part of the Canadian Crystalline Group of Companies, who is a 50 year old conglomerate, we at Tryllegas are no strangers to this industry. Our ever-evolving technology, years of research and extensive experience have led to the most advance oxygen generators in the market.

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