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PSA Plants or Pressure Swing Adsorption Plants help generate both medical as well as industrial grade oxygen with ease. These come in two types: 95% Purity Oxygen Generators and 99% Purity Oxygen Generators. The only difference between the two types is the final purity of the gas generated. Both the Oxygen generators produce gaseous oxygen from compressed air on-site and offer a cost−effective, reliable and safe alternative to traditional oxygen gas generation methods. generators are available in standard models with capacity ranging from 1 to 105 Nm3/hr at 93 − 99% purity, depending on the client’s requirements. The plant is designed for round the clock operation. Each generator is equipped with automatic start & stop function, enabling the generator to start and stop automatically according to the consumption and generation requirement. Additionally, we also can provide gas-cylinder filling system along with the plant.

Why choose us?

Highest Quality:

We meet and comply with all global medical−grade as well as industrial grade−oxygen standards.


We aim to create the most economical plants possible.

Energy Efficient:

We have designed our plants to be was energy efficient as possible.

Quality and Reliability:

All our plants go through rigorous Quality Control and Quality Assurance measures to ensure the highest quality.

Fully Automated Operation:

PLC based control system controls the purity and the flow by automatically adjusting the cycle time of the PSA system.

Ease of use:

Our control system makes our plants very easy to use and operate.

Ease of Maintenance:

Our systems have been designed to be easily maintained.

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