Having been manufacturing and supplying oxygen generators to various industries and hospitals for the past 30 years as part of the Canadian Crystalline Group of Companies, who is a 50 year old conglomerate, we at Tryllegas are no strangers to this industry. Our ever-evolving technology, years of research and extensive experience have led to the most advance oxygen generators in the market.

Our portfolio consists of the following different types of Gas Generators or Plants

  • Medical Oxygen plant
  • PSA Oxygen Plants/High Purity Oxygen Plant
  • VPSA Oxygen Plant
  • Ozone Generator Plant

We hope to be able to help every hospital and frontline worker as well person suffering from Covid−19 and in need of a ventilator.

The Canadian Crystalline Group of Companies is one of the leading manufacturers of Water, Waste Water Treatment and Desalination Technologies since 1969, with more than 5 decades of experience in the field of Water Treatment. They also specialise in Brewery Technology. They have successfully supplied more than 10000+ Projects of various sizes in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Middle East, Africa, South East Africa, Australia, Eastern Europe and USA .

To know more about our parent company visit: www.canadiancrystalline.com